Founded in 2005 by designer Ichiro Nakatsu, OrSlow takes it’s name from Ichiro’s desire to make the opposite of fast fashion, or ‘slow clothing’, as he would put it.

Having collected vintage workwear and military garments for many years, he originally began simply sewing garments for himself at home, using a pretty standard household machine. However, eventually he progressed and, by 2002, had made his first pair of ‘real’ denims – and taken a job with a denim company in Kojima, the renowned ‘denim capital’ of Japan. 

After establishing OrSlow, Ichiro looked to his vintage collection for inspiration, drawing from the archives and updating a detail here, tweaking the fit there and creating something that, whilst it has a direct lineage to it’s inspiration, is very much an interpretation rather than a reproduction.

Using mostly custom fabrics, OrSlow’s focus on producing garments in a methodical and traditional fashion leads to some simple, but special pieces – and is pretty much the distilled essence of a craftsman’s approach to clothing. Ichiro himself makes most of the initial samples in the company’s Nishinomiya workshop.

Both OrSlow’s production methods and aesthetic sensibility are meant to be timeless – Ichiro’s eschewal of ‘fast’ also extends to a wish to avoid trend-hopping, and a willingness to simply make the staple pieces that he likes without being moved around by the ebbs and flows of the wider fashion world.