Everyone’s got their perfect object that they chase. For one of us, long before the shop happened, it was seeking out the perfect pair of jeans. That led us down the inevitable road of Japanese denim, and into the horse-trading world of buying (and selling and swapping) online.

Over time, we learned more about the brand; and about Ryo and Hiro, as more details surfaced. They are true obsessives, also chasing the perfect object. It started with one pair made with a pattern from a cut-up pair of vintage 501s, and quickly escalated into a shop full of pre-1930s Union Special machines. These days, even their denim is made to order for them in Japan.

The word “craft” is tossed around quite a bit in our industry, often being distorted to cover even fully-automated factory production. Ooe Yofukuten couldn’t be farther from that - every garment is made by two pairs of hands, one at a time, all in their workshop in Aichi, Japan.

Many years after coming across that first pair, we are the first stockist of Ooe Yofukuten in the US, and we can’t be more pleased to have them join us.