S&S Gift Cards


We have two types of gift card, which is a little confusing. Our retail stores and online stores use two different types of gift card. The two are not interchangeable without our assistance.

Brick & Mortar Gift Cards

Brick & morter gift cards either arrive by email, or physically on a square card. If the card arrives by email, it will come from the email address "no-reply@lightspeedhq.com", with sender name appearing as "S&S Oakland", "S&S Santa Fe", or S&S NYC".


These can only be used in-store at any S&S location. If you want to have your gift card converted to be used on online, please email us at hello@standardandstrange.com

Online Gift Cards

Online gift cards will come from "hello@standardandstrange.com" and contain a link to redeem the card. A full guide to our online gift cards can be found here: S&S Online Gift Cards.