How to use store credit and online gift cards


We will migrate all of our existing online store credit to a new system (Rise.AI).

This is to provide a higher quality customer experience, and allow easier access to your store credit.

If you have in-store credit (at one of our physical retail stores), that will remain accessible in-store only but we can convert that to an online store credit if needed. Please contact via e-mail at for that service.

VIEWING Store Credit

Upon receiving store credit, you will have a store credit account open with us. You can find this by going to your account page at and clicking the STORE CREDIT button.

USING Store Credit

To use your credit at checkout, copy and paste your store credit code into the “gift card or discount code” field at checkout.

Gift Cards

If you receive a gift card, it will appear in your store credit pop-up in your account. You can consolidate all your gift cards by clicking on “Add Store Credit”, and pasting in the gift card code. This will make it easier to checkout with multiple gift cards for large purchases. If you do not have an account with us, you will need to create one.

You can add gift card codes that do not appear in the pop-up by pasting in the number, as well.