A somewhat enigmatic duo, Keith and Rob of Eat Dust are nominally based out of Antwerp, Belgium, although a quick peruse of their Instagram will tell you that they travel a lot – and usually by motorcycle.

Both coming from fashion-industry backgrounds, and sharing a love of all things oily, loud and two-wheeled, Rob & Keith found that they constantly wanted to tweak their clothes to make them more bike-friendly. An extra inch of length in a vest, for example, can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and a freezing lower back. Thus, Eat Dust was born.

With an aesthetic split between military inspiration and moto toughness - which, given that most of the earliest motorcycle clubs were made up of returning servicemen looking for an adrenaline high to replace the one gained by being shot at on a regular basis, makes more sense than you might think – where Eat Dust set themselves apart from many other cycle-inspired brands is in the quality of their construction.

From their trademark arcuate stitch – modeled after a set of chopper handlebars – to bike-inspired graphics with crash-helmet-wearing skulls, to a little something they designed called P-Camo (just Google it), they’ve managed to inject a sense of fun into some pretty serious clothing.

As Keith & Rob themselves put it, Eat Dust is:

‘A brand fueled by Friendship and mutual interest. We are not into making fashion. This is about proper garments and good design that will stand the test of time.’