What We're Doing: Activism October 16th, 2020

We've committed to volunteering our team's time to activism. Each employee gets paid to spend a minimum of two hours per week on activism.

Below is a list of what we're doing this week - it's organized so you can easily join us in enacting change.

register to vote!

→ If you haven't registered already - you may still have time! CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS!


Urge congress to pass additional Coronavirus relief measures ASAP.

Workers rights

Demand that Amazon employees be granted time off to vote.


 Idaho recently became the first state to pass a law that prevents transgender athletes from participating in school sports through House Bill 500. Demand that they not be allowed to host the National Collegiate Athletic Association's 2021's Men's Basketball Tournament.

Police brutality/Criminal justice

Call on Attorney General Daniel Cameron to recuse himself from Breonna Taylor's case and assign a special prosecutor.

Tell governors to embrace clemency for those unjustly incarcerated - sentences that are no longer legal or possible today, parole violations and more.

Ask NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to have medical professionals enforce social distancing, not the police.

Use the ACLU contact form to support just Marijuana legalization, in order to reduce racial disparity in arrests.


Call your representatives to demand that no new supreme court justice be appointed before the 2020 election.

→Text "RBG" to 50409 to automatically send a letter to your representatives to demand a delayed vote on a new Supreme Court justice (via Resistbot).  

Send a message to Senator Lindsey Graham to demand that he keep accountable to his 2016 statement to hold confirmation process until after the election.


Use this tool to email your representatives and this tool to call you representatives to demand further investigation into ICE's forced hysterectomies.

Use this ACLU tool to demand that Irwin County Detention Center be closed and to defund ICE.

 ICE’s main line is (888-907-6635) if you would like to call them.

voting / usps advocacy

 Demand the Senate pass bipartisan USPS House legislation.

 Demand Financial Transparency of Top USPS Leaders

 Message Congress to demand that we prepare the country’s infrastructure for maximum voter accessibility

 Click here or dial (844) 402-1001 to be connected to an automatic dialer to call the Senate to advocate for the American Postal Workers Union. The APWU is currently demanding that $25 billion in stimulus funding be allocated to USPS. You can use  this script if you would like.

 Read this, then  call your representatives to demand that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy resign (be sure to set your location to automatically access your representative contacts as well as view provided script).

 Call your governor to demand a secure ballot drop program to ensure accessibility to voting in your state.

 Join Operation Swing State with HRC - they have phone banking sessions every Tuesday.

Message the National Election Pool to demand accountability on election day.

Help boost Black voter turnout via NAACP Black Voices Change Lives phone banking.

 Sign up to be a letter writer for Vote Forward to ensure that the maximum number of unengaged voters go to the polls.

Call your representative in support of the Fair Representation Act

Adopt a battleground state to support Democratic voting efforts

Sign up to phone bank for voter turnout with Indivisible

Sign up to text bank for voter turnout with Indivisible

By Mari Jacobson

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