Standard & Strange Personal Style Deep Dive with Kyle Foxworth
Men’s style can often feel prescriptive. That is doubly the case when it comes to heritage fashions that can sometimes feel weighed down by its own historical significance.

But, as I am sure you already know if you are here, this is a narrow and foolish way to engage with such clothing. That doesn’t mean it's easy. That's why we are starting a new series of interviews with Standard & Strange employees to dive into their personal style and see how they choose to express themselves with their style.

Kicking the series off is our New York store manager Kyle Foxworth. We talk about his favorite brands, where he looks for inspiration, and how to avoid it all looking like a costume.  

Standard & Strange: Were you a fan of many of the brands and styles at the store before you worked here?

Kyle Foxworth: Believe it or not, I was very aware of every brand that we carry prior to joining the team. I definitely knew more about, say, The Real McCoy’s compared to Black Sign. However, I’ve absolutely admired all the brands we carry from afar for a long time.

S&S: How would you describe your personal style? How has it changed since working here?

KF: I’d say I pull from the 30s, 40s, & 50s - but done in an interesting and forward thinking way. I’m very much interested in the intersection between fashion and function. More philosophically, fit and fabrication are king for me. My perspective hasn't really changed since I started working here, but I am definitely less rigid in my approach to personal styling now than I used to be. I think my experience here has a lot to do with that.

S&S: Do you have an outfit that you think best captures your personal style?

KF: The Real McCoy’s Dillinger Jacket, MotivMFG Doric Denim Trousers, Clinch Gary Boots. The Dillinger is kind of everything I look for in a piece of outerwear. Cropped in the body with button front so I can have the closure break exactly where I wear my trousers, with a cossack collar, and a bunch of other amazing 1930s details.The Doric Denim Trousers give me the exact look and fit I want. Extremely high rise, extremely wide in the leg. Also, it’s not a traditional pair of 5-pocket denim jeans. It effortlessly mixes workwear and fine tailoring details, and is an exquisite undyed herringbone selvedge fabric. And the Gary Boots, anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for basically any lace-to-toe boot.

S&S: What informs how you think about your style? Could you share some of your inspiration?

KF: Throughout my entire life, things and figures in culture and art have affected the way I look at my own style. In middle school, I bought a tall tee in pale pink, because of Cam’ron. In high school, I basically spent every day trying to figure out how I could be Kele Okereke from Bloc Party. Now I get a lot of inspiration from costume design from films like, The Third Man, There Will Be Blood, and The Conformist. I’ve been inspired stylistically by a few famous figures throughout history. I really love how James Baldwin, Orson Welles, and Pablo Picasso dressed.

S&S: What brand that S&S stocks do you find yourself gravitating to the most?

KF: I literally love everything that MotivMFG has ever done. There is a certain “musicality” to what they do. What I mean by that is, they’re able to take all of these disparate ideas and concepts and make them all harmonize. From fine tailoring, to military spec, to techware - and not just in a single garment, in an entire collection. I had the pleasure of seeing their Spring/Summer ‘24 collection in Paris, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

S&S: Are there any brands that you were exposed to at S&S that you are surprised you gravitated towards/surprised fit with your personal style?

KF: That’s a great question. I don’t think there was a brand that I was exposed to that I was surprised by. I’m not super into the Western look, but we have a couple sawtooths that I'm really into. Namely, the one from Bryceland’s & Co.

S&S: Do you have a current favorite piece in your wardrobe?

KF: Probably my Gary Boots from Clinch. I’ve basically worn them every day since I got them, and the patina is just getting better and better.

S&S: Do you have any style advice for anyone who needs help getting their personal look together?

KF: Don't get into clothes, it’s a money pit. Just kidding! I’d probably say a few things. Find a couple references/concepts/ideas that you find yourself gravitating towards, and dive really deep into them. And think about how you can make those ideas work together in an outfit. Take risks with whatever you choose to do, and wear those risks with pride. Style is widely subjective, and minorly objective. And finally, but in my opinion most important - never, ever look like a cosplay version of something. If you look in the mirror, and you feel like you’re doing that - take it off!

By Charles McFarlane

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