S&S x Grant Stone Chainblock NFT Boot

For the last 150ish years, boots have essentially remained unchanged. In some ways, this has been tremendously beneficial, as it has allowed humankind’s greatest thinkers to focus on higher pursuits, like blockchains and space travel. However, this has left the one fundamental flaw of boots as of yet unresolved - wearing them does not generate profit.

For our most ambitious collaboration yet, we’re fixing that flaw once and for all, with the extremely limited and literally priceless NFT boots that will only increase in value perpetually for all time.

Born from a blend of Old-World techniques and Crypto-Age materials, the Blockchain NFT Boots are the only boots in the world that feature wear-to-earn technology that actively logs your minute-to-minute wear and patina to the Blockchain, creating unique BootCoin tokens that can be minted into BootCoinPLUS tokens, which convert to ETH at a rate of y’=Ce^(Kx)

So, we're proud to offer you the chance to get in on the ground floor of a long forgotten style of footwear design used by Norwegian hunters. We’ve only minted 12 pairs of these boots, and we’re not sure if we’ll ever make them again. The materials were very difficult to source in these plague times.

We’ve also decided to try something new, and use the Ethereum cryptocurrency to sell these boots. We’re offering them at a low introductory floor price of 0.0683745 ETH (around $225 USD), and you can purchase these boots from our website using a regular credit card - no fussing about with crypto exchanges (yet).

The Boot's Norwegian Roots

The Norwegian Flat Toe (NFT) was developed in the coastal city of Stavanger, Norway during the early 1900s.

The design was preferred by hunters, as the flat toe profile was suited for traversing through the thick brush surrounding the region's fjords. NFT boots were often paired with a studded outsole that cleared mud easily, and the design quickly became popular amongst townspeople.

After a fire broke out at Aurland Skomaker in 1914, the equipment and designs were lost. Around this time, mass quantities of inexpensive, English-made country boots were imported into the country, and the NFT quickly disappeared, lost to time.

Norwegian Hunter in the 1900s

A Norwegian Hunter in the early 1900s wearing a pair of NFT boots.

Built on the Chain Block Sole

Our custom-made outsole has a thick pattern of blocky studs that provide excellent traction in all conditions - even the surface of the moon.

The blocks are linked together using an extremely strong special blow-molding process developed by NASA.

The pattern of the extruded blocks quickly clear mud away and are suitable for all conditions of wear, except in hot lava environments.

Our Chain Block soles are produced by SpaceX.

Just like everything Elon makes, these are the very best of the best.

The World's First Material NFT

Designed by innovators in the space, the NFT boots exclusively exist in the material world. They cannot be right-clicked and saved. Unlike other NFTs, these can be used in the real-life applications.

DeFi Vaporwear Leather

Our custom DeFi Vaporwear leather has been treated with a special, durable finish for a 100% waterproof barrier to moisture.

Goodyear Welt Construction

Grant Stone uses the tried and tested Goodyear welt construction. The floor on the number of resoles is incredibly high.

Vegetable tanned leather insoles, steel shanks and rust-proof solid brass eyelets round out the boot.

Coming Soon: Blockchain Boot NFT