Denim History / Denim Future With MohSin Sajid

We are hosting denim specialist Mohsin Sajid at our Oakland and New York stores for a talk on the history and future of denim, along with a Q&A session.

The sessions will be recorded, but there will be no live broadcast or web conference for the events.

The talk will cover a wide range of topics starting with the birth of the jean, working all the up to zero waste pattern cutting. This is an excellent opportunity to hear one of the world's leading experts on denim talk about the larger world of denim, and the future possibilities for the fabric we love.

Full topic list:

  • Birth of the Jean
  • Past & future fibers
  • Future cotton concepts - regenerative cotton and if organic is really organic - cotton concepts
  • Polyester / Petrochemical issues in the Denim world
  • Cellulose / TENCEL™
  • Hemp History
  • Latest solutions in stretch
  • A future with no cotton?
  • Indigo and future colour programs
    • Indigo history recap (Indus and European prospective)
    • The future of natural indigo
    • Bacteria and bio-based indigo
    • Tencel modal indigo colour technology
    • Advancements in recycling
  • Future finishing
    • Circle bartacks
    • Advancements in hardware for circular production
  • Cutting patterns with zero waste


July 22nd, 2022

7pm - 9pm

238 Mulberry St

New York, NY 10012

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About Mohsin Sajid

Mohsin Sajid is a highly accomplished denim specialist, denim historian, and educator with more than
20 years experience working with a number of the worlds leading international denim brands and mills.

Mohsin has a keen interest in raising the next generation of denim designers, reflected in his role as Master Denim Lecturer at The Royal College of Art, Kingston University; and BA Denim lecturer at Central St Martins, London College of Fashion and Ravensbourne University London.

Together with his wife Sadia Rafique, he runs the consultancy company ENDRIME® and their Denim History educational platform where they teach denim making masterclasses & historical denim lectures each year.