First off, let’s get the V.C. part out of the way. V.C. stands for Victoria Cross, which is the highest military honor bestowed by the British & Commonwealth armed forces. You have to do something pretty special to get a V.C. Think of it as beyond even the Congressional Medal Of Honor – only 14 V.C.s have been awarded in the last 60 years.

More often than not, the V.C. is awarded posthumously. Luckily for him, 18-year-old Private Jack White earned his V.C. and lived to tell the tale. After being awarded the medal, for saving the lives of many of his comrades during a river crossing under heavy gunfire, Private White saw out the First World War in uniform, returning home in 1918 and taking up an apprenticeship as a pattern cutter in one of the local textile factories.

Today, all Private White V.C. clothing is manufactured in that very same factory in Manchester where Private White originally started his apprenticeship after WWI, and which he later became owner of.

The factory, known to many in the industry as Cooper & Stollbrand, is staffed by a great number of local people, sometimes with multiple generations of the same families sharing the break room together.

All the materials used in the factory are sourced locally where possible, with the majority of cloth being supplied from the mills in the surrounding area. These too have a wealth of history behind them and a trading relationship with the factory going back to Private White’s days.

The collection is designed by a former customer of Cooper & Stollbrand, Nick Ashley, and directly influenced by Private White’s own wardrobe. Nick’s history in the garment business is long and storied, with stints at Kenzo, Tod’s and Dunhill, to name just a few. In his spare time, he leads a relatively boring life, indulging in such pedestrian pastimes as motorcycle racing, flying, skiing, rally driving - coming 2nd at Paris-Dakar in 2000 - and pretty much anything else that involves speed and adrenaline. One might argue that Mr Ashley himself is the quintessential Private White V.C. customer.

Inspired by a family’s heritage and born out of a devotion to British manufacturing, Private White V.C. is committed to producing quality everyday menswear using the finest British materials and craftsmanship.

With incredible attention to detail and a clear tip of the hat to traditional menswear, Private White V.C. is a brand for the man who demands integrity, style and durability from his clothing.