Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2005, FDMTL have established themselves as one of the premier brands of Japanese denim, particularly for their boro and sashiko work. A truly Japan-made brand, all manufacturing, down to the sewing and the fabric is done entirely in Japan. Everything FDMTL makes is designed with the little details in mind - lots of them. From the sashiko fabrics to the aging, wearing, and repairing of each piece, FDMTL wants everything they make to tell a story about how it came to be.

FDMTL's aging process is slow, deliberate, and by their own admission, not efficient. The work is done incrementally, giving each finished piece a very naturally worn look. The development of each garment's look comes through trial and error, using the washing, distressing, and repairing to give every piece its own unique expression.