Founded in 1993, the Glen Clyde Company is not, as you might suspect, a whiskey distillery on the Isle Of Skye, but a Japanese company specializing in knitwear and performing all their design, development and production in-house.

Glen Clyde’s flagship brand is the impressively-monikered Classical Human’s Universal Peace - which is about as Japanese-sounding a use of the English language in a brand name as I’ve ever heard - or CHUP, for short.

CHUP socks are manufactured using a time-consuming process that, whilst limiting production to around 25 pairs of socks per machine in a day, ultimately yields a higher-quality sock, comparable to one that was knitted by hand, with the toes being hand-linked at the closure point.

All CHUP designs are inspired by ethnic art, be it that of the Southwestern USA, or Fair Isle patterns, through the folk art of the Ainu, Japan’s indigenous people. Their Crafstman CHUP line takes its inspiration more from the traditional outdoors sock, with simple marled colors and a slightly looser fit.

 Pull on a pair of CHUP socks and you may find yourself wondering why you would wear anything else.