To look at Arpenteur’s clothing, one would assume that this is an old, storied brand that has been producing workwear since the early part of the 20th Century.

Not so. Arpenteur - the name translates literally as ‘Surveyor’ - was actually founded in 2011, by Lyonnaise cousins Laurent and Marc Bourven, neither of whom had any formal fashion training or background. What they did share, however, was a keen appreciation for the quality and aesthetics of vintage French workwear. 

Thus, Arpenteur was born, and has quickly become one of those under-the-radar cult favorite brands. Paying tribute to the long traditions of Gallic workwear, but updating the fit to a more wearable, modern shape, they have created something special. 

From the classic French Work Jacket, a silhouette that has been co-opted by so many non-French designers, to chunky knits that would be at home on any Marsellais trawler, the cousins Bourven are doing their part to reclaim France’s place in the workwear ‘hall of fame’.

With production split between Pays de la Loire and Nord Pas-De-Calais, Arpenteur really is about as French as it gets, and we are pleased to bid them bienvenue into our lineup.