What We're Doing: Helping Incarcerated Families

What We're Doing: Helping Incarcerated Families

by Neil Berrett June 13, 2020

We're donating 11% of our revenue from June 14 - 21 to National Bail Out

Helping Incarcerated Families

For Father’s Day this year, we aren’t running a sale. Instead, we are donating 11% of our revenue until June 21st to National Bail Out.

We landed on this by working back from the idea of Father’s Day in light of the rampant racism and mass incarceration in this country.

You’ve likely heard the statistics on incarceration in the United States vs the rest of the world. We have 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners.

This has an outsize impact on Black families in particular. 1 in 57 white children have an incarcerated parent. 1 in 9 Black children have an incarcerated parent.

Children with a parent in prison face setbacks that continue on into adulthood ranging from health problems, to decreased educational outcomes, to poverty. Incarcerated parents have a high likelihood of losing their children forever, further damaging the futures of those children.

National Bail Out is an organization working at both the direct level (providing cash bail); and on a longer term plan to end systems of pre-trial detention and mass incarceration.

Our plan for Father’s Day this year was to run our gift card promotion that usually kicks off for Black Friday. The mechanics of that are simple - for every $100 spent, you get a $20 gift card back. Historically, that averages out to approximately an 11% discount.

We are taking that 11% and putting it to work for a better future.

While researching this topic, we came across a few links worth sharing. These were all tremendously helpful in understanding this complex problem.

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As always, thank you for your support in our mission.