What We're Doing: Activism June 12, 2020

What We're Doing: Activism June 12, 2020

by Neil Berrett June 12, 2020

We've committed to volunteering our team's time to activism. Each employee gets paid to spend a minimum of two hours per week on activism. Below is a list of what we're doing this week - it's organized so you can easily join us in enacting change.

ACLU Volunteer Calling

We've signed up for the ACLU's Volunteer Call Team. They make it very easy - they provide a call training guide and call scripts.

Sign up for ACLU Call Team


E-mail Oakland government officials to defund Oakland Police Department

→ Send e-mail above to dkalb@oaklandca.gov (Dan Kalb, the Oakland City Council member in our district)

→ Send e-mail to Dan Kalb to ban tear gas usage in Oakland and oppose re-allocating Measure Q funds to Oakland Police Department. Use this e-mail script and send to dkalb@oaklandca.gov


→ Oppose using BART police to enforce social distancing on BART. Use this e-mail script and send to E-mail BoardOfDirectors@bart.gov and board.meeting@bart.gov with subject: “Public Comment”. The Board Secretary read your email out loud during the meeting.

Breonna Taylor

→ Dial 502-735-1784 (walkthrough call) to Louisville Metro Police Department and demand they fire officers involved in Breonna's murder and file charges against them.

George Floyd

→ Dial 612-324-4499 (walkthrough call) to County Attorney Michael Freeman (local prosecutor) and demand he hold accountable all police officers involved in George Floyd's murder.

Sean Monterrosa

→ Dial 707-209-7176 (walkthrough call) to Vallejo Police department and demand they fire and file chargers against the police officer that murdered Sean Monterrosa.

Steven Taylor

→ Dial 510-726-9249 (walkthrough call) to the Alameda County District Attorney's office and demand they appoint an independent special prosecutor to purse charges on behalf of Steven Taylor and his family.

→ E-mail local leadership to demand justice for Steven Taylor. Use this email script and instructions.

Don't Appoint Judge Walker

→ If you live in one of the states below, call your senator and say you're a constituent and you oppose the liftetime appointment of Justin Walker to the DC Circuit Court because he is an inexperienced GOP partisan.

Alaska - Lisa Murkowski - 202-224-6665
Louisiana - John Kennedy - 202-224-4623
Maine - Susan Collins - 202-224-2523
South Carolina - Tim Scott - 202-224-6121
Tennessee - Lamar Alexander - 202-224-4944

PetSmart / Chewy.com - Stop Advertising on Tucker Carlson

→ E-mail PetSmart and Chewy.com to demand they stop advertising on Fox News / Tucker Carlson's show.
Use this e-mail script and instructions.