UPDATE: The raffle is now closed, however, we raised around $18,000 for charity. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who threw in their $10 (or $100) to help people in need.

As you may have heard, S&S Oakland was broken into on January 22nd.

Our losses were minimal, but we did suffer three broken windows. In return, the thieves got a somewhat broken laptop, the cash register with around $4 in change, and a couple sweatshirts - but they left the hammer used to smash our windows.

We can all agree that thieves suck - but we have bigger things to worry about in this world than minor business losses between a new war in Europe and food insecurity (among other issues) here in the US.

To that end, we are raffling off the hammer used to break into our shop. It has been hand-painted by Jeremy's partner, Carrie ( / @cizauskas ) in an Oakland theme, with a sturdy clearcoat for protection if you should decide to push a few nails with it. To sweeten the deal, we're also including a $500 gift card with the hammer to the lucky winner.

The hammer itself is a nice, if slightly worn, Husky 21oz framer with a magnetic nail starter and a hickory handle. It's not our first choice when it comes to hammers, but it does have a 4.5 star review online, so must be pretty good.


To enter the raffle, simply donate $10 to a charitable organization supporting Ukraine or to your local food bank.

Keep the proof of donation and email us at
Every $10 donated counts as one entry, and you can enter as many times as you want.

How the raffle works

  • Make a donation from now until March 15th to either cause
  • $10 donation per entry - donate $50, get 5 entries
  • No limit on number of entries per person
  • E-mail proof of your donation to
  • Winner is chosen at random, using an Excel spreadsheet and the RANDBETWEEN() function
  • 21oz framing hammer will ship immediately, delivery time depends on location
  • $500 Gift Card will be issued via email

Resources to support Ukraine