A 3 year old corn whiskey (80% corn, 10% barley, 10% rye) supporting the Ute Mountain Tribe.

Tasting notes: A balance of exciting fresh notes (mint, lime, mineral, clove) and longer savory notes (lemon marmalade on rye bread, chile, hazelnuts, red wine).

52% ABV /104 proof. 750ml volume.
Must be 21 or older to purchase.
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When people talk about “rare whiskeys”, the conversation is mostly about whiskeys from defunct distilleries or from artificial constraints, rather than talking about the grains. This is another edition of grain-forward whiskey from Modern Ancient, a label run by our distiller-partner focused on rare grains.

Blue (and other colorful corns) are not decorative. Colors are flavors and nutrients, and that flows through into the final product. Conventional corn distillate has dozens of flavor compounds at best; this distillate has hundreds. Again, this starts at the base plant. An industrial input will have industrial flavors, and need to be manipulated via aging in oak to add flavor; start with an heirloom plant, and you have massive diversity of flavor from the get-go.

This particular whiskey starts with a blue corn grown by and purchased from the Ute Mountain Tribe with 10% Grain R&D Purple Barley from Phoenix, AZ; and 10% Camas Rye from the Willamette Valley, Oregon. All these grains are grown sustainably with companion planting and minimal tillage.

The spice from the rye and Pinot Noir vibe from the purple barley adds a colorful coat to the deeply savory and sweet corn. We fermented it for six full days then distilled it cleanly in a 300-gallon copper pot still. It then went to sit for 2.5 years in a third-fill, well-seasoned Workhorse Rye cask to put just a touch of oak on it.

How to Drink & The Details

How to drink: This is such a subtle, grain-forward whiskey that it is best enjoyed neat, over ice, or with a small amount of soda water.

  • Aged 2.5 months in seasoned oak cask, then an additional 6 months in glass
  • 52% ABV
  • 80% Blue Corn from the Ute Mountain Tribe
  • 10% Grain R&D Purple Barley
  • 10% Camas Rye
  • Clean-distilled
  • Serve neat, or over a small cube
  • Supports the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
  • Recycled glass bottle made in USA
  • 100% recycled corks
  • Coffee bag label
  • Copper Pot distilled in California
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