Standard & Strange Modern Ancient Floriani Red Flint Corn Bourbon Whiskey - Standard & Strange

A pure corn bourbon made from blending new and aged Floriani red flint corn whiskeys.

Tasting notes: nougat, spiced corn bread, toasted spices, orange peel, iced tea lemonade, and taffy.

60% ABV /100 proof. 750ml volume.
Must be 21 or older to purchase.

We can only ship to addresses in Arizona, California and New York

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The Story

This bourbon mash whiskey is a blend of two expressions from the same corn, and two different ages which leads to a deliciously complex spirit. Unlike any other American whiskey on the market, this whiskey is all about the base ingredients, not just the oak barrel. It’s easy to mask bad ingredients with charred oak; it’s next to impossible to make cheap grain taste good in used oak.

The base ingredients are astronomically expensive but for good reason. The price reflects the quality and flavor of each grain, and the work that goes into responsibly growing it. Our costs are up to twenty times that of industrial spirits, and it shows in the end product.

It starts with the last of the prior batch of Floriani Red Flint Corn Whiskey, blended into a fresh new distillation from the same grain, alongside heirloom rye (Gazelle variety from Dark Sky Organic Farm in northern CA), and malted heirloom barley (grown in Capay CA, floor-malted in the Bay).

This will result in a beautifully layeredsolera-style whiskey with notes of both wildly fresh (think: lemons) and richly developed (think: lemon pie complete with delicious pie crust) flavors.

Building this bourbon allows us to support our farmers who are in more need than ever with the lack of rain and the extreme fires, while “seasoning” the fresh juice with more mature juice to experience the best of both worlds.

Both distillations are fromFloriani red flint corn, a rare ancient type of corn. It has distinctly nutty and deeply savory flavors not found in regular sweet corn, leading to a sophisticated flavor profile in the final product.

Red (and other colorful corns) are not decorative. Colors are flavors and nutrients, and that flows through into the final product. Conventional corn distillate has dozens of flavor compounds at best; this distillate has hundreds. Again, this starts at the base plant. An industrial input will have industrial flavors, and need to be manipulated via aging in oak to add flavor; start with an heirloom plant, and you have massive diversity of flavor from the get-go.

The Floriani corn used for both distillations has been grown with no sprays and minimal irrigation by regenerative farmerFritz Durst in Capay County, California. He took over a farm in the 1980's that was abused for decades and regenerated it by focusing on the complexities of soil microbes, compost, and egalitarian ethics in general.

From Fritz:

“I used to just look at the plant itself and ask, ‘What does a plant need to grow?’ Today I look at many different things. I look at myself, my family, my employees. My number one focus today besides employees is my soil. If I give to my soil, my soil will give back to me.”

Rob notes:

“When I am distilling these dense grains, I notice vast changes throughout the distillation because ethanol is slowly grabbing various flavor compounds and vaporizing with them up into the condenser which eventually lands in cask and glass. Those compounds have been weeded out by the industrial honing down which focuses on starch/sugar only, those extra nutrients, anthocyanins, and proteins are of no use to industrial agriculture."

The mash starts with a coarse milling for a long ferment, then is dumped by hand and hand loaded into mash tun. It’s fermented dry at around 9% ABV after eleven days (cold weather makes for a longer ferment).

The first portion of the blend has been aging in a used 53 gallon American oak cask made by Kelvin, the best cooperage in the USA. Kelvin Cooperage hand make casks from 3-year air dried staves and slowly toasts them (as opposed to the commercial flash charring) before hand crafting gorgeous casks that we will use forever.

The rye component has been sitting in cask for seven years, adding depth and even more nuance to the blend.

How to Drink & The Details

This is such an expressive pure whiskey that we do not recommend making cocktails with it. The delicate aromatics from the rare grains can be overwhelmed easily with other spirits. We do suggest that you cut it with clean, cool water to drink straight, as it’s extremely hot at cask strength. Our personal favorite move is to use an aggressive sparkling water to make a highball (with or without a twist of lemon).

  • Cask strength - 60% ABV
  • Three grain mash: heirloom rye (Gazelle variety from Dark Sky Organic Farm in northern CA), malted heirloom barley (grown in Capay CA, laboriously and deliciously floor-malted in the Bay), ultra rare Floriani red corn
  • Clean-distilled, very tight cuts for best flavor
  • Excellent on the rocks or or in a highball
  • 100% Recycled glass bottle made in USA
  • Linen label
  • Copper Pot distilled in California