Denim Wash - Mojave
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Denim Wash - Mojave

Juniper Ridge

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How, and how often, should I wash my jeans? The absorbing question of all time: more divisive than the Berlin Wall; more polarizing than your crazy uncle’s political musings at the Thanksgiving table; more conflicting online opinions – most of which are wrong - than the comments section of an SFGate article (go look one of those up, it’s a bloody warzone).

My opinion, which I am happy to debate, is that once every couple or three months is about right. Long enough to get some nice fading and wear patterns going on, but not so long that embedded dirt particles turn your lovely denim fibers into miniature sanding files. Of course, if you spill some chicken vindaloo on your denims, or take them out of rotation for a while, these intervals are subject to change.

So, between washes, your jeans are liable to get a little funky at times. Which is where the Juniper Ridge Desert Denim Wash comes in handy. Whilst not an alternative to washing, it’s a great way to reinvigorate your denims as you wait for those honeycombs to develop.

Simultaneously a dry wash spray and a freshening spray, its all-natural composition carries notes of desert pine, cedar and an almost leathery mid-note. Simply spray liberally on the areas that need the most attention – yes, we mean your butt and your crotch – and go forth into the world, smelling like the mountains of the Mojave.

  • 3oz dry-wash spray
  • Desert pine, leather and cedar notes
  • All-natural
  • Supplied in an aluminum bottle with pump spray cap
  • Distilled and packaged in the USA

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Further details

In 1998, Hall Newbegin began harvesting plants, in order to create natural fragrances in his kitchen, which he then took to local farmers’ markets for sale.

Whilst the company has grown and now employs over a dozen people, the core mission remains the same: from day one, Juniper Ridge was about bringing the smell of the wilderness home; fragrance that smells like the backcountry, not perfume from a laboratory.

From Mount Hood to the Mojave Desert, Juniper Ridge harvest plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings, distilling them down and mixing them with natural oils or organic sugar cane alcohol to create a range of cologne, soaps, room spray and more.

Their harvesting trips can be followed online and each fragrance has it’s own evocative personality, from the heavy sage of Big Sur to the fir that’s so prevalent in Siskiyou County. 

Distilling takes place either at the company’s headquarters in Oakland, CA or, just as often, in their Field Lab, a van containing a converted moonshine still that allows them to make fragrance right by the trail from which the ingredients were harvested.

All Juniper Ridge ingredients are sustainably harvested and the company gives 10% of its yearly profits to wilderness conservation groups.