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Much like The Most Interesting Man In The World, I don't always drink beer. In fact, truth be told, I really don't like beer all that much. I'm more of a whiskey man. However, most - if not all - of my friends really like beer, so it's nice to be able to help them get to the sweet, sweet nectar contained in that bottle of Pliny The Elder they're holding.

Enter the Corter Bottlehook - which serves the twin purposes of both opening your beer and carrying the keys that will allow you to open the door to your home after you stumble back there following that thirty-minutes-that-turned-into-six-hours you just spent at the park with your friends.

Made in New England using a hook cast in the USA, a hand cut and stamped leather tab and a solid copper o-ring for those keys, each patent-pending Bottlehook comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage.

  • Bottle-opener hook, cast in the USA
  • Hand-stamped leather tab for personal details
  • Solid brass o-ring
  • Made in New England

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Further details

Eric Hein was at college in 2007 and needed a new wallet. Rather than go out and buy one, as he was – like many college students – too poor to afford anything nice at the time, he simply made his own.


After posting pictures of the process on a couple of internet forums, he soon started receiving requests for wallets from both friends and total strangers and Corter Leather was born. Taking six months to learn the art of leatherwork, rather than just making it up as he went along, as he had for his own personal pieces, Eric began taking orders.


Now, with somewhere north of 20,000 Corter pieces in circulation, Eric, joined by one assistant, still hand sews almost all of his products personally in his solar-powered workshop and has expanded his range to encompass keyrings, bottle openers, belts, guitar picks and a whole slew of other things.


Eric has stated in the past that, true to his roots, he’s still really just designing products for himself and people like him – and it’s this ethos that has led the brand to where it is today; a concise, yet complete, collection of leather goods, each built to perform a specific task as well as it possibly can.