• Backpacker's Cologne - Mojave 1oz

Backpacker's Cologne - Mojave 1oz

Juniper Ridge

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Having raised the ire of one particularly bitter Yelp reviewer – go to our Yelp page and take a look, I’ll still be here when you get back – I feel compelled to first point out that this cologne is not just for backpackers (although I’m sure many of them use it) but rather the name comes from the fact that it is made by backpackers.

For over 15 years, Hall Newbegin has been harvesting plants and trees and distilling them into fragrances – and the backpacker’s cologne is probably the most pure form of those fragrances.

Using only natural ingredients, the aforementioned flora are distilled and blended with organic sugar cane alcohol to produce a liquid cologne that smells not of perfume, but of the wilderness.

This particular fragrance is, as the name suggests, culled from the Mojave Desert, and has notes of Desert Pine, sagebrush and Desert Cedar. It’s presented in a glass bottle with a hand-carved wooden cap and supplied in a sturdy cardboard tube featuring the trail paintings of Obi Kaufman, Juniper Ridge’s Chief Storyteller.

  • 1oz liquid cologne
  • Pine, sage and cedar notes
  • All-natural
  • Supplied in glass bottle with wooden cap
  • Distilled and packaged in the USA

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Further details

In 1998, Hall Newbegin began harvesting plants, in order to create natural fragrances in his kitchen, which he then took to local farmers’ markets for sale.

Whilst the company has grown and now employs over a dozen people, the core mission remains the same: from day one, Juniper Ridge was about bringing the smell of the wilderness home; fragrance that smells like the backcountry, not perfume from a laboratory.

From Mount Hood to the Mojave Desert, Juniper Ridge harvest plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings, distilling them down and mixing them with natural oils or organic sugar cane alcohol to create a range of cologne, soaps, room spray and more.

Their harvesting trips can be followed online and each fragrance has it’s own evocative personality, from the heavy sage of Big Sur to the fir that’s so prevalent in Siskiyou County. 

Distilling takes place either at the company’s headquarters in Oakland, CA or, just as often, in their Field Lab, a van containing a converted moonshine still that allows them to make fragrance right by the trail from which the ingredients were harvested.

All Juniper Ridge ingredients are sustainably harvested and the company gives 10% of its yearly profits to wilderness conservation groups.