Most rock musicians follow a pretty straightforward formula once they step off the stage. Groupies, class-A drugs, motorbikes and inevitable stints in rehab tend to be par for the course.


Not so for Teppei Teranishi – as lead guitarist of Thrice, he spent most of his downtime teaching himself the art of making leather goods and, today, he lives on Vashon Island in Puget Sound and makes a variety of leather bags and accessories full-time.


Each piece is made by hand, with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, and built with incredible attention to detail. Sourcing most of their leather from American sources - primarily from the Horween tannery. This leather is then cut and sewn by hand, producing goods that - whilst they may initially seem basic - are, in reality, far from it.


Stitch holes are hand punched with a tool that actually cuts the leather, rather than punches it, leading to stronger construction, as no material is removed. The stitches themselves are traditional saddle stitches, which are far stronger than the drop stitch employed by a sewing machine.


Overall, with every Teranishi piece, the same theme is apparent; that of keeping things uncomplicated, whilst fulfilling all that is asked of it.