Rising Sun

Founded in 2004, and still owned, by Mike Hodis, Rising Sun & Co. began in Mike’s garage and, despite it’s Japanese-sounding name, is actually an all-American concern from start to finish.

Actually named for George Washington’s Armchair (no, really, look it up), which inspired Mike during a visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Rising Sun & Co. makes almost all of their clothing in-house at their workshop in Los Angeles’ Eagle Rock neighborhood.

Born out of Hodis’ obsession with vintage Americana, Rising Sun & Co. specialize in paying painstaking attention to the most minute details. Using early 20th century manufacturing methods and sourcing only the best materials, almost all of which are also US-made, they use proprietary denim from North Carolina’s Cone Mills in their five-pocket offerings

American duck canvas, another fabric used heavily in early-20th century workwear, also features throughout the collection, including use as a lining for the waistband on all their jeans, which helps minimize the stretch so often seen with raw denim, and in their Outdoor Vest, which is a cornerstone of the non-denim side of the collection.

As well as manufacturing fine clothing, one of Hodis’ other interests is collecting turn-of-the-century sewing machines and then using those machines to make even more fine clothing. Unlike many other ‘heritage’ brands, whilst Rising Sun & Co. use decidedly traditional manufacturing methods, many of their clothes have a more modern fit, with the Bloke being a great example of this – the aforementioned duck canvas waistband lining is present, alongside Cone Mills selvedge denim, twill-lined pockets and a watch-pocket cut to selvedge, yet the tailoring is a mid-rise, slim-straight fit.

Rising Sun & Co. have a team of in-house tailors, and are meticulous when it comes to pattern making and sewing techniques. Drawing inspiration from a bygone era, when good design, superior quality, and pride in your work actually mattered, they approach every garment with this in mind.