The city of Red Wing, Minnesota was incorporated in 1857. Less than half a century later, in 1905, Charles Beckman and a small group of investors founded Red Wing Shoes.

Originally providing shoes and boots to the local townspeople, the company quickly grew to a nationwide concern and, by the 1920s, were offering very specific footwear for people with very specific needs – from miners to petrochemical engineers to the men building the railroads. By the 30s, Red Wing had pioneered the use of steel toes and introduced their famous Engineer Boot and by the early 50s, the 877 and 875, the quintessential Red Wing boots, had been born.

Today, you’re as likely to see a pair of Red Wing boots in a cafe as on a construction site – and they’re comfortable, and appropriate, for both. Still proudly made in the USA, the Heritage Collection contains faithful reproductions of Red Wing’s most popular shoes and boots throughout the decades. Think of it as a Red Wing’s Greatest Hits Album, if you will.

All of our Red Wing footwear is built using the Goodyear welt – the welt is a thin strip of leather or rubber, which surrounds the main body of the shoe. This is attached to the insole of the shoe and the outsole is then sewn onto the welt. Whilst this is a time-consuming, and therefore slightly more expensive, method of construction, it allows the boots or shoes to be re-soled repeatedly, leaving you with footwear that will, quite literally, last a lifetime.


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