Rancourt & Co

Sometimes, you choose your career path. Sometimes, it’s chosen for you. Sometimes, a vocation is so ingrained into your DNA that doing anything else would be almost unnatural.

Such is the case with Kyle Rancourt, who represents his family’s third generation in the footwear industry, all of which have been spent making shoes by hand in Lewiston, Maine. 

The Rancourt family have been handcrafting footwear since 1964, specializing in handsewn moccasins, initially as contractors building shoes for Quoddy and then under a number of different brand names, all of which were eventually acquired by the bigger players in the game – form company, build company, get bought out, rinse, repeat. The last of these companies was eventually bought by Allen Edmonds, for whom Kyle’s father Mike then worked for 13 years.

Eventually, Kyle convinced his father to put their family name to a company – one that would resist acquisition and become their family’s legacy. In addition to still taking on some contract work, Rancourt & Co. also produces their eponymous line of footwear, from the same handsewn moccasins that have been a Rancourt staple since the beginning, to boots and wingtips.

All our Rancourt styles are made to order for us here at Standard & Strange, and available in limited quantities.