My grandfather was born in 1922 and, by that time, Filson had been in business for a quarter of a century. Just let that sink in for a second; no living human being was born before Clinton C. Filson opened his doors in Seattle.


Originally given the rather unwieldy moniker of C.C. Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing & Blanket Manufacturers, the company known today simply by it’s founder’s last name began life supplying clothing specially designed for the rigors of the frigid North, with Seattle a key outpost on the trail towards the Klondike during the gold rush. C.C. Filson had his own mill, producing Mackinaw Wool (a fabric that’s still used in many Filson garments today) and was famed for constantly striving to improve his goods in order to provide the best possible chance for his customers’ survival in the harsh Alaskan winter.


Whilst the gold rush faded, Filson’s reputation endured and his ethos, as stated in a 1926 catalog, that ‘It is the Filson ideal and policy to produce only the best in Outdoor Clothes that it is possible to manufacture’ also endures to this day.


Today’s Filson customer may still be a prospector, searching for gold in the Klondike, yet they are just as likely to be an angler casting flies in the Beaverkill River, or an urban dweller turning up a collar against a cold morning breeze.


At the turn of the last century, Filson built their reputation on quality and offered a lifetime guarantee to back that up. Today, more than a century later, that guarantee is still in place. If any Filson item fails, they will repair or replace it without question.


Most of Filson’s goods are still made at their factory in Seattle, and all Filson products here at Standard & Strange are proudly made in the USA.