FEIT is a brand that's been on our radar for years. Founded by shoe industry veteran Tull Price, their focus is on building shoes by hand, one pair at a time, that you'll have for years.

Each pair is hand-made end-to-end, which means the leather is hand-cut, rather than die-cut. From there, they're hand-lasted where the one-piece leather upper sits for a week to take shape before moving onto the next step.

It's worth noting here that the single-piece upper is a big deal as well. That's quite a trick to pull off even in bespoke shoe-making and to have it in a sneaker adds the same strength and comfort from the lack of seams.

Underneath the sneaker exterior is a full Goodyear welted shoe, which means that these can be rebuilt time and time again, wearing in rather than wearing out. The welting and sewing is all down by hand, with no machine-stitching involved.

All of this process takes place in a single hand-sewing facility in China which originally serviced a very large shoe brand that pulled out in search of lower prices elsewhere. Tull retrained the sewing team there to do Goodyear welted construction, and runs a clean, well-paid, ethical shop.